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4 Qualities of a Great Legal and Financial Advisor

If you’ve been looking for a top legal and financial advisor Rockville MD has to offer, you might be wondering what questions to ask a potential advisor. A top firm will make it simple for each of their clients to find a great legal and financial advisor Rockville MD can provide who understands their individual financial goals and needs.

So how can a client be sure that they’ve found the right Rockville MD legal and financial advisor to suit their interests? Here are a few qualities of a top advisor:

They are willing to take as much time as necessary to explain everything. The investment landscape is ever changing, as any seasoned legal and financial advisor Rockville MD can provide might attest. It’s important to find an advisor who is willing to discuss every detail that is pertinent to your situation, and/or provides you with materials to look over when it’s most convenient for you.
They won’t encourage you to take large financial risks that you aren’t comfortable with. Some individuals feel comfortable with making high-risk investments, but some others aren’t. A good legal and financial advisor Rockville MD trusts will learn the investment goals of their client, and map out and investment plan that suits their level of desired risk/reward.
Payments and fees to the advisor will be clear. An unprofessional advisor might try to trick clients into making investments before they read the fine print. It’s important to know exactly how an advisor charges clients and any additional fees that may be added on. Some financial management firms charge based on percentages of investments or profits, but keep in mind that certain types of investment funds may also incur management fees. A good financial advisor will make sure that clients are aware of these fees from the beginning.
Look for qualifications and training. Look for terms like “certified” or “fiduciary” in the title of a legal and financial advisor in Rockville MD. This means they are certified by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. and are bound by a fiduciary duty to invest in your best interest. An unqualified and unprofessional advisor might encourage a client to make certain investments because it will benefit the advisor.

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