Frequently Asked Questions?

What Is A Certificate of Deposit?

An experienced legal and financial advisor Owings Mills MD has to offer may agree that it’s important for clients to understand some of the more basic investment processes so that they can have confidence in their portfolio.

What Is A Commodity?

It’s important for people to know the basics of commodities so that financial advisers can work with them to determine if commodities are are appropriate for their portfolio….

What Is A Hedge Fund?

A hedge fund is an investment that uses alternative measures to try to earn significant returns for the investors. Hedge fund services often reap substantial rewards for clients by making a variety of different investments in order to protect clients against unforeseen market changes.

What Is A Stock Split?

A stock split is an event in which a publicly traded company gives its shareholders additional shares, and at the same time it adjusts the price of those shares so that the total market value of the company remains the same.

What Is An Asset?

An asset is an economic resource that is owned by an individual or corporation that has a positive value. Assets are used to generate income or help the owner benefit in some way.

What Is Asset Allocation?

Asset allocation refers to the process of how assets are distributed. There are many different ways for a person to invest their assets, but not all of these strategies will produce similar results for every person.

What is the Difference Between a Stock and Bond?

A stock is a share of a company, which represents partial ownership of the corporation, and can be bought or sold. Essentially, stock is equity, or the value of ownership interest in a corporation or business.

What Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a stock market index calculated by the movement of a collection of 30 stocks.