Financial Planning

Working with a financial planner Gaithersburg MD trusts is about more than planning investments or ensuring financial protection for you and your family. You want to be certain you are building a strong foundation and increasing your family’s wealth for the future, which gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your life in the present.

CIC Wealth Management is committed to helping clients develop personal financial planning strategies that meet their goals in wealth management, asset investment, and saving for retirement, among other areas. In addition to thinking about retirement, making your plan alongside a Gaithersburg financial planner from CIC Wealth Management may put you in a better position to make decisions in the case of such life events as:

  • Marriage;
  • Death of a loved one;
  • Inheritance;
  • Retirement;
  • Buying a new home; and
  • Buying or starting a new business.

Strategies for Wealth Management

Thinking about the future and retirement is essentially exploring the unknown, which may prompt you to consider such questions as:

  • How much will I need to have saved to retire?
  • What is the best way to save and invest for retirement?
  • Will I be able to save for retirement and send my kids to college?
  • When I retire, how do I make a plan that allows me to cover my current living expenses?

The best way to answer these and other concerns, as a financial planner Gaithersburg MD clients trust may tell you, is by adhering to a strategy that keeps your goals at its center. CIC Wealth Management is serious about being strategically minded in helping people make financial plans for retirement.

Specifically, we may help you in:

  • Identifying specific and measurable short- and long-term goals;
  • Making cost-effective decisions;
  • Creating and maintaining your wealth ;
  • Choosing effective financial products and services;
  • Keeping track of potential obstacles to your preferred financial future; and
  • Monitoring your plan to make sure it is in tune with your needs as they shift over time.

A financial planner Gaithersburg MD clients speak to at CIC Wealth Management will consider every aspect of your unique financial situation, including income needs, debt, taxes, life expectancy, retirement goals, and more, when building your customized plan. Our aim is to come up with the most appropriate asset allocation for your unique needs, and to maintain an ongoing, personal relationship with you. No matter what our clients’ goals and objectives may be, it is important that they have detailed, regular follow-up with a financial planner to ensure the effectiveness of their customized plans.

Please note that a financial plan is a set of guidelines meant to assess your present situation, and to help you make wise decisions. Most any plan made by a financial planner Gaithersburg MD clients talk to for guidance is a suggested course of action based on information provided, but depends on events that occur and asks that choices be made in accordance with it.

Talk to a Financial Planner in Gaithersburg MD

What does your preferred future look like? What can you do today to take steps toward your goals for retirement? Making a financial plan should be one of those first steps. To speak with a financial planner Gaithersburg MD knows for smart investment guidance, contact CIC Wealth Management at (202) 759-2695.