Financial Planner Owings Mills MD

Financial Planner Owings Mills MDIf you are in need of a financial planner, you deserve the most reliable and experienced financial planner Owings Mills MD has to offer. If you have questions about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, municipal bonds, general financial advising, or asset management, call an Owings Mills financial planner you can trust from C-I-C to give you the best advice to suit your needs. If you have recently had a change in marital status or career, you may want to seek the advice of a financial planner to assist you in your new set of circumstances. A financial planner can advise you as to what your options are in ways that reflect the changes in your life. Others may benefit from the guidance that a financial planner can provide when it comes to protecting your future. Here is some general information about common investment options:


A stock is a share in a company’s ownership, meaning that you will earn a portion of their profits. The stock market can be very volatile with many ups and downs. Without extensive knowledge of individual companies, and the ability to devote enormous amounts of time studying the market, stocks can be an extremely risky investment. Working with a financial planner Owings Mills MD counts on for their experience can be paramount in helping you make the best choices in terms of stocks.


A bond is like a loan except you are the bank loaning your money to a company or the government. In return, you are paid back with regular interest payments. Bonds are generally seen as a safer alternative to stocks because of their regulated and consistent flow of income. if you have questions about bonds, contact a financial planner Owings Mills MD relies on from C-I-C for experienced advice and more information.

Municipal Bonds

With municipal bonds, the government borrows money to fund government projects such as new highways or schools. Your investment is repaid with interest just as it’s done with a regular bond. There are shorter and longer term municipal bonds, about which more information can be provided by a financial planner Owings Mills MD trusts for investment guidance.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a pool of money collected from several different investors that goes towards the purchase of various stocks and bonds. This is handled by a professional money manager who allocates the funds for maximum possible income for the investors. If you are thinking about investing in mutual funds, consult a local financial planner in Owings Mills MD from C-I-C.

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